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Brazil, home of the SAMBA, happines, good weather and CARNAVAL.

Brazil is the fifth biggest country in the world and also the fifth most populated country with more than 210 million habitants.

The main and most populated two cities of the country are Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, where we always focus all the impact of our campaigns.

Because of the huge size of both cities the guideline for succesful campaigns is to design ad hoc full-coverage actions, with Mupis, digital mupis and public transport advertising we have the most efficient campaigns in Brazil.

Total Population: 209,469,333
Natural Increase: 0.8%
Density: 25 Inhabitants/km²
Urban Population: 86.6%
Population of main metropolitan areas: Sao Paulo (21,090,791); Rio de Janeiro (12,166,798); Belo Horizonte (5,813,410); Brasília (4,201,737); Porto Alegre (4,179,197); Salvador (3,953,288); Recife (3,914,317); Fortaleza (3,852,705); Curitiba (3,449,491); Campinas (3,081,247); Goiânia (2,421,831); Manaus (2,403,986); Belém (2,212,653); Grande Vitória (1,910,101); Santos (1,797,500)

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