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China is the second largest global economy, the largest exporter and has the largest exchange reserves in the world. 

Total Population: 1,392,730,000
Natural Increase: 0.5%
Density: 148 Inhabitants/km²
Urban Population: 59.2%
Population of main cities: Shanghai (20,217,748); Beijing (16,446,857); Guangzhou (Canton) (10,641,408); Shenzhen (10,358,381); Tianjin (9,290,263); Wuhan (7,541,527); Dongguan (7,271,322); Foshan (6,771,895); Chengdu (6,316,922); Chongqing (6,263,790); Nanjing (5,827,888); Shenyang (5,718,232); Xi’an (5,206,253); Hangzhou (5,162,093)


Premium media in China


Magnolia tower

Maybe the biggest digital media in the world


Citi Tower

Citi Group Tower in the BUND


Aurora tower

Aurora tower in the BUND

Pictures from China