Mupis Germany

  • Location: Berlin, Kolhn, Munich, Hamburg, Germany
  • Face size: 2m2
  • Booking period: Weekly, display every Tuesday
  • Booking details: Pre-define but flexible networks
  • Media: Mupis Germany
  • Location: Berlin, Hamburg, Köln, Munich

Premium location Mupis - Germany

The Germany Mupis, are located in the best areas of the main cities in Germany.

In the heart of the city, at the bus stop, in front of the shopping centre, in the pedestrian zone, in railway stations or in front of the multi-storey car park. Germany Mupis ensure direct advertising impact.

Their high-quality character gives every advertisement a special quality appeal, underlines the premium character of brands and products and creates a positive image transfer.

The network of Mupis, which can be booked by the week, guarantees a comprehensive presence in urban areas and increases awareness of the product being advertised. In situations where people are waiting for transport, Mupis can convey detailed information and stimulate the target group.

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